The Hope Spacecraft reaches Mars! Overview of the Emirates Mars Mission

What is the Hope Spacecraft? How did it enter orbit around the Red planet? What will it study at Mars? In this video, we discuss the Emirates Mars Mission. Also names Al-amal, or Hope spacecraft, this is a Mars orbiter that is run by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) space agency.

The original idea for the mission came about in 2013, and launched from Japan in 2020. The spacecraft will study Mars’ global climate, looking at weather patterns and how the different layers of the atmosphere interact with one another. The Hope spacecraft is also the first interplanetary mission from an Arab nation. In addition to the specifications of the spacecraft, the video also looks into the orbit that Hope will be in as it monitors Mars. In addition, we talk about why it is hard for a spacecraft to enter orbit around another planet.

More specifically, we look at the Escape Velocity for a planet. On February 9th, 2020, the Hope spacecraft successfully entered orbit about Mars by performing a Mars Orbit injection maneuver, which slowed the spacecraft.