When UFOs Attack — Documented Cases of Hostile Alien Encounters

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A recently-discovered declassified Australian report analyzes 1,000 UFO encounters of the third kind to understand the kinds of weapons being used against humans and their animals by these visitors — and if they are being used defensively or without provocation. The reports of UFO landing and near landings were complied by the renowned Ufologist and physicist Jacques Vallee, who worked with the late and honorable Professor Hynek. Hynek acted as scientific advisor to UFO studies undertaken by the U.S. Air Force under two projects: Project Sign and Project Blue Book.

3 Weapon Systems

After a thorough analysis of the 1,000 UFO cases from around the world, the report found the existence of three “weapon systems being used by these unidentified visitors:”

  1. a device to interfere with electrical circuits.
  2. a device to induce paralysis.
  3. a heat ray.

Visitors Use of Weapons
The report, which is dated January 1970, sums up the use of weapons by the alleged extraterrestrials against humans and animals in the following manner:

“There is circumstantial evidence that these weapons are at times used deliberately, although mostly in a defensive role. A number of reports allege that a lone car at night has been followed, and after being stopped by a beam, some kind of interaction has developed between the car occupants and the landed craft occupants.

Information is included which deals with residual effects on the environment of the landed craft. It is these residual effects which offer the greatest potential reward to scientific investigation at this stage.

Sampling of 1,000 Cases Analyzed

Here is a sampling of the 1,000 documented cases. As of this writing, the entire 12-page report, can still be read on the National Archives of Australia, but the PDF download feature is currently disabled.

Case #234 France: 3 small humanoids by craft 50 meters away. Small, reddish point of light. Both witnesses paralyzed until craft left. Ignition failure.

Case #249 France: Witness reach 20 meters from dish with 4-foot being in diving suit before being paralyzed. As craft took off, witness thrown to ground.

Case #272 France: Horse lifted [by]10 foot by 5 foot diameter object and was paralyzed 10 minutes. Man at side of horse felt nothing.

Case #279 France: Dog partially paralyzed when approached two helmeted figures near dome.

Case #295 Italy: 4-foot-3-inch being by tree aimed a flashlight beam, paralyzing witness. Action of clenching fist on keys freed him allowing him to attack the intruder who flew away with a soft whir on a conical device.

Case #339 Italy: 3 small humanoids stealing rabbits from cage. Farmer aims rifle which fails to fire and then has to be dropped.

Case #356 Venezuela: Witness came across 6 little men loading boulders into hovering dish. As he started to run away, one of the creatures pointed something at him which gave off a violet-colored light and paralyzed him.

Case #398 Argentina: Dish lands. Air Force man unable to draw gun from holster. Voice in Spanish from craft.

Case #400 Brazil: Man fell paralyzed. Companions see dish with dome top and bottom 50 meters away. Three 5-foot-7-inch men gather samples.7/11/2021 Declassified Australian Report Analyzes Weapons UFOs Use Against Humans – Unknown Boundaries

Case #333 France: Blue dish came close to motorcycle; prickling felt in hand, engine dies and unable to move of speak. They blue light turns off, all o.k.

Again, this is just a sampling, the entire report can be read here, as of this writing. * Sometimes such documents mysteriously disappear. I made jpeg copies, for myself, however, this is a labor-intensive method. But it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here are copies of the documents I used for this post: